Creating integrated intelligence solutions.

Our intelligence services are designed to help our clients evolve from an unstructured approach to security or risk situations, to a measured, calculated, response orientation.

We enable our clients to make confident, informed risk management decisions with timely and actionable security intelligence.

Our analysts are subject matter experts who draw upon their local knowledge, language skills and in-country experience. They deliver intelligence reporting from our international network of human sources.

decysyon supports the development of cyber security strategies and services, ensuring best-fit for clients exact needs. Our approach to cyber security emphasises physical and personal vulnerabilities as much as technical gaps.

decysyon has specialized in providing support, analysis and development services in aspects such as:

  • Prospective analysis;
  • Knowledge Management (KM);
  • Strategic intelligence;
  • Corporate intelligence;
  • Country risk analysis;
  • Prevention and protection of the company against external and internal threats.;
  • Health intelligence

Prospective analysis: we analyze the trends and synergies of the target market oriented towards the future of business continuity, avoiding the surprise factor and bringing the perspective of the facts to the context of the firm. In this context, decysyon has been able to adapt to the real needs of companies with a new perspective of the facts in the business context, helping in decision making with the development of the best competitive strategies, facilitating a better understanding of the competitive environment that the one that the competitors and identifying not just current and future rivals, their plans and strategies, but key risks and opportunities.

Knowledge management: in decysyon each project is adjusted to the specific needs of the client. For this, it is necessary to design a training management system that allows the transformation of stored data from different sources into knowledge information that is affordable and easily usable. The application of knowledge management will optimize the management of resources effectively, saving costs for companies.

Strategic intelligence: decysyon uses work procedures and methodologies aimed at improving the management of information relevant to senior management decision-making.
The valuation of the information is the main objective of the analysis process. Our objective is the methodical and organized approach to the collection and processing of information, providing added value that facilitates decision-making by the decision-maker.

Corporate intelligence: our work is directed and oriented to the management of information in order to transform it into knowledge and corporate intelligence, giving added value to the enormous current availability of it, in support of decision-making in any sector or organization, to help the competitiveness of organizations, to protect economic, technological and commercial interests.

Country risk analysis: any company or organization that aims to invest, operate or carry out transactions with companies and markets located in third countries will have to develop an exhaustive analysis of the Country Risk in which it intends to develop its business. decysyon pays special attention to this tool and for this it has a multidisciplinary group of high-level experts who carry out country-risk analysis studies combining qualitative and quantitative models to obtain a reliable, contrasted and dynamic structured model that allows making an analytical decision.

Prevention and protection of the company against external and internal threats: decysyon’s services are specialized and designed to anticipate, counteract and prevent both internal threats and that of an adversary, protecting the company with resources and innovation. For this, Decysyon provides companies that request it, unique analysis and research documents to preserve the heritage, both intellectual, scientific and technical. We investigate unusual threats and / or suspected corporate misdeeds. Decysyon supports and collaborates with technical staff during complex and high-value operations for companies, helping to develop transactions in unknown markets.

Health intelligence:  decysyon’s objetive is to guarantee the provision of quality information for the analysis of the health situation, the monitoring and evaluation of interventions against risks such as the development of pandemics such as COVID-19 at the international, regional or local level, the identification of common diseases in a certain area and prevention and management mechanisms, risks to physical integrity due to catastrophes, and assessment of the health system and emergency response. We develop ongoing training on health security awareness for staff.