Our Team

The Decysyon© team has unparalleled experience helping our clients solve challenges and crises as they arise, turning risk into opportunity on a global scale. The knowledge and depth of experience we have acquired over more than twenty-five years is invaluable in providing our clients with the intelligence they need to seize opportunities with greater assurance.

At Decysyon© work processes are extremely important, we analyze and develop each project in order to offer the best solutions to our clients. Taking risks and facing problems is something usual for us, so a solid work structure with a transversal organization in our team, has as a result that these events can be isolated, treated and solved quickly.

Decysyon© has been created with a vision of excellence, continuous development and innovation in the security market. To achieve this, teamwork is fundamental, both with our employees and with our suppliers and partners. Loyalty to our customers is the basis of their trust, that is why for us it is essential the high qualification of our operators and analysts, as well as their ethical values and commitment to excellence.

Decysyon© is the sum of different factors, including a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, people from three different continents who bring multiple perspectives and deep experience. Some of our specialists are security contractors, investigators, lawyers, strategy consultants, international logistics experts, intelligence analysts and strategy consultants, many of them coming from government and/or military backgrounds, each with at least 15 years of experience.